Dear Ben,

It has been 13 years since you installed the cork floor at Chances. It is at both of our entrances and throughout our main traffic areas in the property and it has performed extremely well. Since it was installed we have kept it clean and waxed and it continues to look great. It has stood up to the automatic floor washers and buffers as well as people traffic that exceeds 4 million people.

In addition to durability, the floor has acted as a silencer. People walking on the cork do not have the loud noise produced by heels landing on a tile or vinyl floor. The cork absorbs sound and makes for a very pleasant ambiance.

I am very pleased with the flexibility as well. We have done a couple renovations and have been able to 'knit in' to the existing floor with good color match success. Any damage cause by accidental gouging has been an easy repair that leaves the floor looking as seamless as prior to the repair.

As a commercial floor I highly recommend it. It's quiet, easy to maintain and repair, and adaptable to changes that might be made to a property.

You and your company have serviced the flooring in an exemplary fashion and it has been a pleasurable experience working with you.

I will be pleased to speak directly to any clients that may have questions, or you are welcome to bring them by Chances to see your work.

Stanley R. Walt